Monday, September 15, 2008

Reporting from the Always On Going Green Conference in Sausalito, CA

Beginning tomorrow, I will reporting live from the 2nd Annual Always On Going Green event. For the next two days, you will get to be part of this incredible event where dozens of clean tech companies make presentations for the venture capital and private equity investment community while the press and blogging community listen in. Tonight's opening remarks were inspiring and enlightening, made by: Tony Perkins (Founder of Always On), Ed Ring (Editor of EcoWorld) and David Chen (VP & Head of Morgan Stanley's West Coast Clean Technology Investment Banking Division). Join me over the next two days in learning about how companies in California and all over the country are creating solutions that will help everyone to reduce the amount of energy and water we use, reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and use alternative building materials to build our homes and offices. Think about this fact: 70% of the energy consumed in the U.S. is for heating and cooling buildings and homes. This problem alone is what is currently spurring one of the fastest growing segments within the Clean Tech Industry: Energy Storage.
Tomorrow's topics will include: Solar Energy Breakthroughs, Abundant Clean Green Water, The Agricultural Revolution, Next Generation Biofuel, The Carbon Offset Windfall, Next Generation Fossil Fuel, The Smart Green Mega City and The New Automotive DNA. Take a break from your work day or just listen as you work, click here for a live stream and video.

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