Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Giveaway from EcoStiletto: Sport + Store stainless steel water bottles

When it comes to summer travel, there’s going minimal and then there’s going minimal. The first involves a very small suitcase; the second involves getting on a plane wearing a hat with your bikini in your purse. That’s the inspiration behind Sport + Store. Crafted from food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free, the water bottle is designed with a unique storage reservoir, big enough for keys, cash, credit cards and room keys. 

Click here, to sign up to EcoStiletto's newsletter and be automatically entered to win one of these water bottles and many, many other giveaways. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Always On VC Summit Kicks Off to a Great Start

Here's the line up for tomorrow, July 29th:

08:15 am
Ballroom 1
Transactions 2.0

Money, banking, and commerce undergoing a massive transformation. How is the transaction and payment landscape evolving in the retail, mobile, and online channels? What are the privacy and security issues that need to be addressed as we move into this new era of transactions and payments? Where are the opportunities and who are the companies to watch?

* Host: Randy V. Sabett, J.D., CISSP, Partner, Internet & Data Protection, Sonnenschein
* Tom Gonser, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, DocuSign
* Jim Greenwell, CEO, BilltoMobile
* Mohammad Khan, President, ViVOtech
* Andy Kleitsch, CEO, Billing Revolution

09:00 am
Ballroom 1
How the Fittest VCs Have Survived

* Host: Packy Kelly, Partner, KPMG
* Kevin Efrusy, Partner, Accel Partners
* Daniel H. Ahn, Managing Director, Voyager Capital
* Peter Sonsini, Partner, NEA

09:45 am
Ballroom 1
CEO Showcase Session

Six Minute CEO Showcase presentations, followed by commentary from industry experts. CEOs will be available for 40 minutes of Q&A and demos in the lobby.

* Co-Host: Ed Lambert, SVP and Silicon Valley Region Market Manager, Bridge Bank
* Co-Host: Paul Gibson, Sr. Vice President and Eastern Region Market Manager, Bridge Bank
* Albert Santalo, CEO, CareCloud
* Steve King, CEO, DocuSign
* Mike Morini, CEO, Aria Systems
* William Soward, CEO, Adaptive Planning

10:30 am
10:45 am
Ballroom 1
Keynote: Good Boss, Bad Boss

* Professor Robert Sutton, Department of Management Science and Engeering, Stanford University

11:15 am
Ballroom 2
CEO Showcase Session

Six Minute CEO Showcase presentations, followed by commentary from industry experts. CEOs will be available for 40 minutes of Q&A and demos in the lobby.

* Co-Host: Ed Lambert, SVP and Silicon Valley Region Market Manager, Bridge Bank
* Co-Host: Paul Gibson, Sr. Vice President and Eastern Region Market Manager, Bridge Bank

11:15 am
Ballroom 1
Online Music - From Napster to Pandora - Where are the Consumers Now?

* Host: Mark Stevens, Partner, Fenwick & West
* Bill Gurley, General Partner, Benchmark Capital
* David Jones, VP of Marketing, Shazam
* Antonina Armato, Songwriter and Music Producer, Co-Founder, Rock Mafia Media
* Dr. Ge Wang, Co-Founder and CCO, Smule
* Alexander Ljung, CEO, SoundCloud

11:15 am
Ballroom 1
Open Session
12:00 pm
01:15 pm
Ballroom 1
Keynote #1: You Are Not a Gadget

* Jaron Lanier, Author, You Are Not a Gadget, 2010 Time Magazine top 100 most influential people list

01:20 pm
Ballroom 1
Keynote #2: AlwaysOn's Top 10 Favorite Charts & Graphs - and what they say about the future

* Tony Perkins, Founder and Editor, AlwaysOn

02:00 pm
Ballroom 1
How “Real-Time” do we really want to be?

* Host: Jamis MacNiven, Just the pancake guy, proprietor of Buck's of Woodside
* Jaron Lanier, Author, You Are Not a Gadget, 2010 Time Magazine top 100 most influential people list
* Tony Perkins, Founder and Editor, AlwaysOn

02:30 pm
Ballroom 1
The Seed Round --- CEO Showcase Session featuring The AlwaysOn Seed Council's Top Seed Stage Companies to Watch

Presenting Companies

* Hilary DeCesare, CEO, Everloop
* Sebastian Rapport, CEO, Pixetell
* Chintu Parikh, CEO, SachManya
* Morgan Norman, CEO, WorkSimple
* Azeem Azhar, CEO, PeerIndex
* Pierre Joubert, CEO, Brutesoft
* Ron Stevens, CEO, Mingleverse

The Seed Council

* Host: Sam Angus, Partner, Fenwick & West
* Larry Orr, Partner, Trinity Ventures
* Mark Gorenberg, Partner, Hummer Winblad
* Howard Hartenbaum, Partner, August Capital
* Mark Gorenberg, Partner, Hummer Winblad
* Greg Gretsch, Partner, Sigma Partners
* Wim De Waele, CEO, IBBT

03:45 pm
Ballroom 1
Incubating The Stanford Student Incubator

* Host: Andrew Bellay, VC & Money Editor, AlwaysOn
* Greg Gretsch, Partner, Sigma Partners
* Dan Ha, Managing Director of SSE Labs & SSE Labs
* Ooshma Garg, Founder & CEO, Anapata
* Ricky Yean, Founder, Conversely (Y-Combinator)

04:15 pm
Ballroom 1
The Open Media Revolution Is Over: Are We Better Off?

* Michael Arrington, Founder & Editor, TechCrunch
* Chamillionaire , Rapper, Singer & CEO of Chamillitary Entertainment
* Chris Alden, CEO, Six Apart
* Robert Scoble, Chief Blogger, Scobelizer
* Quentin Hardy, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief, Forbes

04:45 pm
Ballroom 1
Closing Remarks

* Tony Perkins, Founder and Editor, AlwaysOn

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Juice Beauty ColorCare makeup line

I just started wearing the Perfecting Foundation (when I'm not wearing their SPF 30 Mineral Light Moisturizer) daily and it is fabulous. Here's the full line that has launched so far (blush and lips just came out and eye makeup to come in September).

Correcting Concealer, Perfecting Foundation, Refining Finishing Powder, and a Blemish Clearing Powder.

Blemish Clearing Powder-($29) treatment powder meant to calm inflammation, clear blemishes, and reduce future breakouts. Contains minerals, aloe, and bamboo powder which all having soothing elements to them.

Correcting Concealer- ($18) Aloe and fruit extracts correct skin imperfections, while minerals create a beautiful finish. Available in 2 colors: Ivory and Sand.

Refining Finishing Powder- ($22) Gives a light-feeling matte finish to complete any makeup look. Can be worn on its own or over foundation. Available in 3 colors: Ivory, Sand, and Tan.

Perfecting Foundation- ($35) Uses fruit extracts and minerals to balance skin and correct imperfections. Has a cream-to-powder finish to give an airbrushed-type feelings to the skin. Available in 3 colors: Ivory, Sand, and Tan.

All product is available on the Juice Beauty website.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Books I am Reading Now

"The Impressionist Paris" by Ellen Williams A must read for anyone who loves art and is traveling to Paris.

"The Blessings of a Skinned Knee" by Wendy Mogel, PH.D Great book for any parent.

"Life's Too Short to Fold Wrinkled Sheets" by Lisa Quinn. For mothers trying find "balance" (ha ha) in their lives. Stay at home moms, working full time, part-time working moms and especially for women who own and run their own companies will welcome this funny book with tips and tricks to get your house and life in order without being so stressed out.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Organics to Clear Skin: Juice Beauty launches Clear Skin Kit

I've been using the Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel for 5 years and it is a must have staple for any women fighting aging, acne or both. Juice Beauty is launching a special Clear Skin kit to help their customers fight acne with non-harsh, organic ingredients. Click on the link below to watch the infomercial featuring Jennifer Siebal Newsom.

Organics to Clear Skin

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

20 Great uses for Tea Tree Oil

Planet Green Sep 29, 2009

20 Great Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil

For Health

1. Use a dab to treat acne.
2. An anti-fungal for treating Athlete’s Foot, eczema, various yeast infections, etc.
3. An antiseptic to be used on cuts and burns.
4. An anti-viral: it may lessen the symptoms of colds and flu. Try using a few drops in the bath.
5. Add to a vaporizer to loosen chest congestion.
6. Add a small amount to shampoo to destroy head lice.
7. A small amount added to your bath can help with persistent body odor.
8. Treating sinus infection.
9. For dandruff and dry scalp.
10. In the form of aromatherapy, tea tree oil is used to treat colds, persistent coughs, acne, toothaches, and sunburn.

For Cleaning

11. To create an all-purpose cleaner, combine 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil in 2 cups of water in a spray bottle.
12. Another version would be 14 ounces of water with 1 ounce of Murphy’s oil soap and 10 drops of tea tree oil.
13. Mix the above solution with kosher salt to scrub bathtub and bathroom tiles.
14. Add a few drops to dishwasher dispenser, then fill with a green dishwashing soap.
15. A few drops added to each load of laundry leave your clothes smelling cleaner.
16. Control mold with a tea tree oil/water spray.
17. Remove mustiness with that same tea tree oil/water spray.
18. To keep germs at bay, spray it on high chairs, car seats, and other high traffic spots.
19. 15 drops in a quart of water can be an effective insect repellent.
20. Be sure to take some with you when hiking and camping to put directly on insect bites or blisters.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Slow: Life in a Tuscan Town

The long awaited “SLOW: Life in a Tuscan Town” will be released on September 22, 2009. This book has been long in the making, over 5 years. With photos and text by Douglas Gayeton, Preface by Carlo Petrini and Introduction by Alice Waters, you are immediately transformed into the sensual world of food as seen through the lives of the people of Tuscany. SLOW is an unprecedented photographic personal journey into the heart of hidden Tuscany that celebrates the principles that define the Slow Food movement and pays tribute to the region’s kaleidoscope of vibrant characters, whose shared culture revolves around the everyday pleasure of growing, preparing, and eating food. Click here for a peak inside the book. You can pre-order it through

Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to School - PVC Free Style

It's that time again....getting ready for Back to School. Here's a great article I found from the people over at
Parents across the country are stocking up on the latest binders and lunchboxes over the next few weeks. But while it’s easy to know the healthiest foods to pack in those lunchboxes, many parents are not aware of the toxic plastic used to make them. In fact, the average child’s character-themed backpack is filled with supplies and materials made from one of the most toxic plastics, polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl). That’s why we at the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) have released our 2nd annual Back-to-School Guide to PVC-Free School Supplies to help you make healthy shopping choices that are safer for your kids, your community and the environment. More>>

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Botanical Spirits & Summer Farmer's Market Cocktail Event

Soon to sell out is CUESA's August 12th Event at the San Francisco's Ferry Building. Celebrate Summer's bounty of fresh fruit and produce by sipping on hand-crafted Botanical-inspired cocktails made by some of the City's best bartenders! The Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA) and the San Francisco Chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild will host an evening of summer farmers' market cocktails at their kitchen in the North Arcade, in front of the Ferry Building.

Bartenders from some of the City's hottest drinking spots have crafted original cocktails featuring Botanical themed spirits like gin, Chartreuse, Genever and the just-released Square One Botanical, a spirit that brings together floral and fruit flavors for a complex and delicious drink. For $30, guests will enjoy 2 full-sized cocktails-- a Blackberry Shrub and the Mountain Peach--made with Square One Botanical, along with the opportunity to sample 12 other drinks that feature different Summer produce and botanical spirits such as Beefeater 24 Gin, Bols Genever, Chartreuse, Galliano, and Plymouth Gin.

Guests will also enjoy delicious bites from local restaurants Globe, Boulevard, Chez Papa Resto, Laiola, MarketBar and TWO.

For tickets, go to:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Popchip's Newest Popstars

Snacking this summer just go a whole lot better with the addition of popchip's newest flavors: cheddar cheese and sour cream & onion. For those of you who crave these snacking flavors, these certainly don't disappoint. Find them at your local Safeway, Andronico's or Target stores or online at Also new are single serving bags of 15 chips, 100 calories with only 3.5 grams of fat. You can snack guilt-free and your waistline will thank you.

Friday, July 17, 2009

EcoMom Alliance Green Goods Back to School Shopping

EcoMom Green Goods Back to School Shopping
One Day Sale and Fundraiser Hosted By Stretch the Imagination

Saturday, August 15th
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Stretch the Imagination
47 A Tamal Vista Blvd.
Corte Madera, CA 94925

All products and companies are environmentally friendly and promote sustainable manufacturing practices and goods. From backpacks to clothes, school supplies and even products for around the home, and some that are just for mom, shoppers will enjoy selections from upcoming collections and discounts on past season items. To learn more and preview stores, please visit the shop section at or call 415 271-9603.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Plant Cafe Organic Restaurant Opens at Pier 3 in San Francisco

If watching Food, Inc. has left you yearning for something local and organic to eat, head on over to the new Plant Organic Restaurant & Cafe located on Pier 3 on the Embarcadero. Sit on the heated patio and nosh on one of their many pizzas, salads or sandwiches. With a full bar, there is a cocktail treat for everyone. For more info, go to The Plant Cafe Organic Restaurant and Cafe.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet Badger - Now at Saffron Rouge

Based in New Hampshire, Badger’s recipes are based on traditional New England remedies. Made with fresh, whole ingredients such as exotic butters, herbal extracts and pure essential oils, every balm and body care product is powerfully concentrated to heal and nourish.

Badger’s prices are so affordable, you can use them every day without draining your bank account. But what makes Badger truly great is that despite the low prices, the brand never resorts to low quality or impure ingredients. In fact, all of Badger’s lip and body balms are USDA Certified Organic, and every product contains a high level of certified organic ingredients.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Always On: Going Green Conference 2009 - September 14th - 16th

I went last year to this even as a member of the press and it is a fabulous conference. If you or your business is at all related to the Green tech, Clean Tech industry,this the event for you!

is where cutting-edge greentech CEOs meet the movers and shakers from the biggest industries on earth. Green technology innovators are transforming trillion dollar industries - and the solutions they are delivering not only promise to clean up pollution and restore ecosystems, but also to bring abundance and prosperity to everyone on earth. In fundamental areas, water, energy and land, resource abundance is just around the corner, through the power of technology and free markets. This two-and-a-half-day executive event features CEO presentations and high-level debates on the most promising emerging green technologies and new entrepreneurial opportunities. At GoingGreen, our editors will also honor the GoingGreen 100 Top Private Companies. Fifty top CEOs will also pitch their market strategies to a panel of industry experts in our "CEO Showcase." For more information and tickets, click here.

Soapopular - Wash your hands anywhere, anytime!

How many times have you used a public restroom only to learn there is no more soap at the sink? Or had to use a porta-potty with your child and the same thing, no running water and soap? Well, here's your answer!
have been using this brand ever since I became a mother. I found those alcohol-based hand sanitizers to be stinky and drying. Soapopular® is a hand sanitizer that is alcohol free and rinse free. No more cracked/dry hands and its SAFER4KIDS. No irritation to sensitive skin, and no risk of flammability issues associated with typical, alcohol-based hand sanitizing products. Soapopular's fragrance-free, dye-free formula is applied using a convenient foaming applicator that does not leave the "sticky residue" that is common to alcohol-based products. I buy the "carry size" it by the case so I can put one in my purse, office desk drawer, kitchen counter, everywhere! It's so simple and easy! For more info, click here.

House Passes Landmark Climate Bill

House Passes Landmark Climate Bill. Stage is Set for Senate Action.

EDF President Fred Krupp released the following statement:

Today's vote is a huge achievement for the country and the climate, and we applaud Speaker Pelosi, Chairmen Waxman and Markey, and all members of the House who helped craft this landmark legislation and get it passed.

The bill that emerged from the House has the fundamental structure needed to significantly reduce carbon pollution while growing the economy. It puts strong cap on emissions and reorients the energy market to make low-carbon power the goal. It ensures that utility rates will stay affordable and a competitive playing field for U.S. companies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Laloo's Bambinis are a hit!

We've enjoyed Laloo's goat milk ice cream for years. Now Laura, the creator of this fabulous ice cream line has surprised and delighted us with her newest creation: the Bambini ice cream sandwich. This delicious 90 calorie treat is created using Laloo's® award-winning Vanilla Snowflake ice cream in between two soft dark chocolate cookies. Best of all, Bambinis are both good for the body (nutritious and lactose-friendly) and good for the planet (goats are eco-friendly). Bambinis are the first ever ice cream sandwich made with goat's milk! Now at Northern California Costco stores: $8.50 for a box of 16 sandwiches. click here for detailed nutritional information.

Kashi Joins TerraCycle, Inc. in National Upcycling Program to Reduce Landfill Waste

TerraCycle to Repurpose Kashi Natural Foods Packaging Into Eco-Friendly, Affordable Accessories

LA JOLLA, Calif., June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Kashi Company, the premier natural food company, announced that it has partnered with TerraCycle(TM), the eco-friendly pioneer, to create the Kashi Brigade(TM) a program in which Kashi fans in any city nationwide can join together to collect and mail in their used Kashi boxes and wrappers to TerraCycle, which together with other Kashi packaging will be repurposed into eco-friendly, affordable products. As part of the program, which is of no cost to consumers, fans sign up to create local Brigades. For each Kashi package returned to TerraCycle, the company will donate $.02 cents to the Brigade's charity of choice. Kashi is the largest natural food company committed to this program. Read more.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Square One Vodka Cucumber

As Summer approaches, I look to replace a glass of wine for something extra refreshing. This summer, I found just the right cocktail using the recently launched Square One Vodka Cucumber. Smooth and always 100% organic, this spirit is the perfect treat for a hot summer day. Here's a great recipe from the Square One site:

Cucumber Spajito

2 oz. Square One Cucumber

1 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice

1/2 oz. organic agave nectar

6 sprigs of fresh mint

Club soda or sparkling water


2-3 long, thin strips of cucumber slices

Layer cucumber slices and a couple of mint leaves with ice in a Collins glass. Muddle remaining mint lightly in a mixing glass or cocktail tin. Do not over bruise. Pour other ingredients in and shake briefly with a little ice just to blend. Strain into Collins glass and fill to desired level with soda water and stir briefly. Garnish with the remaining sprig of mint.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rainforest Project Video

In case you haven't seen this great new video to re-launch Prince Charles' Rainforest Project, click here.

An array of celebrities have appeared alongside Prince Charles and an animated frog in a film to highlight the dangers of deforestation.

The stars, including actor Harrison Ford and football legend Pele, appear in the video to pledge their support to the Prince's Rainforest Project (PRP).

Viewers of the online 90-second film are being encouraged to sign-up to the project's "rainforest SOS" campaign.

The prince said he hoped it would build an online community calling for action.

Other famous faces appearing in the film include James Bond actor Daniel Craig, comedian Robin Williams, as well as the Prince of Wales's sons, Princes William and Harry. To read the complete story on BBC news, click here.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Drink Water, Not Sugar - Hint Water's New Flavors

When I forget my Camelbak water container and am parched, I grab a Hint water. I've been a huge fan of this water since 2006 when I first found it at a little bakery cafe in Larkspur, CA. HINT is a premium essence water with a "hint" of flavor. Their motto at HINT is simple, “Drink Water, Not Sugar”. To help you do that, HINT provides naturally flavored water with no calories, sweeteners or preservatives making this a great alternative to juices and soda. Their single flavors include Cucumber, Blackberry, Pear and Watermelon (my favorite!). Dual flavors include Hibiscus Vanilla, Mango Grapefruit, Pomegranate-Tangerine and Honeydew-Hibiscus. There are 13 fabulous flavors currently. Soon to be re-launched is Hint Kids that comes in three flavors: Tropical Punch, Strawberry-Kiwi and Watermelon and includes fluoride. You can find their products at any Whole Foods or gourmet grocery store. If not, ordering online is easy and shipping is free within the 48 states. By November 2009, their bottles will have 25% post-consumer plastic.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Larkspur, CA based Green Beans Coffee - Great coffee for a great cause!

I heard about this company years ago and finally had the time to investigate it. What a great idea! Green Beans Coffee serves military personnel in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Qatar, Djibouti, Africa and domestically at military bases across North America. The company has not only grown in locations, but also in its mission to support our men and women in uniform. You can order coffee, tea and other merchandise online or just donate as little as $2 for a "Cup of Joe" for one soldier. Either way, one or more soldiers will benefit from your generosity!