Monday, February 11, 2008

An Organic Cure for Poison Oak

From time to time I get poison oak from my dog. Being fair-skinned and a bit sensitive, when I get it, I really get it really bad. So with this most recent breakout on the back of my right hand, I was determined to find a calamine lotion that did not have synthetic chemicals in it. So off I went to Elephant Pharmacy in search of something more natural. Fortunately I found it with an Aubrey Organics product called Calal, a calamine and aloe lotion. With ingredients of calamine powder, natural grain alcohol, aloe vera and soluble collagen, this lotion soothes the itching almost immediately and dries it out fast. Aubrey Organics has been around a long time, 40 years to be exact. In 1994, it was the first personal care line in the U.S. to be certified organic. As expected, the product works just as good as the traditional calamine lotions without the synthetic ingredients. At $7.95 for a 4 oz. bottle, it doesn't break the bank either!

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