Monday, April 21, 2008

Review: The Ovum Factor by Marvin L. Zimmerman

My mother, an avid reader of at least 120 books a year, got her hands on this book before I could. After reading her review (below), I can't wait to start reading it myself!

I just finished devouring THE OVUM FACTOR by MARVIN L. ZIMMERMAN and it was absolutely fantastic!!! It could be subtitled: Indiana Jones discovers the Celestine Prophecy but that would be giving away too much of the book. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It's been a long time since I read a book where I lost track of time and THE OVUM FACTOR did it!!! I appreciated his straight way of telling his story without all the usual embellishments of adjectives and similes that most new writers like to employ to show that they know how to write. Marvin Zimmerman writes in such a way as to get those pages turning fast....while challenging you to want to know more, more, more.....and he tells you....he educates you without being preachy. He's such a smooth writer.....classy, elegant, very visual with his words

His eco-thriller became a love story that became a spiritual journey into the Amazon with phenomenal cliff-hanging chapter endings! The high level of suspense is also something that he managed to sustain throughout the book without lagging at all at any point. He created some amazingly memorable characters (David, Steinmetz, Galileo, the Jesuit, Emily, etc.) but none so delightful as the ever so talented Horace.....I'm truly hoping for a sequel for this book to find out more about Horace! I loved the scene in the Musee D'Orsay when Horace saw tapestry for the first time.

It's interesting how science and medicine of today is looking back into the tried and tested remedies of the Amazon for 'cures'. Most amazing was to read that the Amazon river at its peak during June and July had a flow greater than that of the next six largest rivers in the world combined and that the water coming from the Amazon into the Atlantic in only one minute would by itself be enough to supply ALL the fresh water needs of New York city for OVER 60 YEARS!!!! Now that's something to ponder!!! I think my favorite chapter was 62 - Legend of the Turu-Aku. What a story!!! And I was just about in tears when Galileo fulfilled his destiny.....that was so exquisitely written. I thought I was well read with reference to the rain forests but to realize the importance of the 'lungs of the planet' being the Amazon was phenomenal.....the ability of the Amazon to absorb huge quatities of carbon dioxide and transform this into 1/5 of all the earth's oxygen.....and here man is destroying this eco-system and unleashing all sorts of new diseases on mankind.

Many thanks for writing such a fantastic book.... its ending made me hope that there will be a sequel possibly as soon as next year? I just wish that there would be some incredible marketing put forth as this book really needs to be read. I, for one, will do all that I can to get this into the hands of as many readers as possible.

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Dagny McKinley said...

Hadn't heard of this book. I'll have to pick it up. Thanks for the recommendation.

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