Monday, February 18, 2008

EcoMom Alliance Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

EcoMom Alliance was started just over a year ago by Kimberly Pinkson who had a vision of how mothers around the world could band together to bring a higher consciousness to green, eco-friendly living that would also create a sustainable future. Specifically, EcoMom Alliance is a non-profit 501c3 organization using positive community social interaction to:
1. Help reduce the climate crisis,
2. Inspire and empower mothers to help create a sustainable future, and
3. Lessen the isolation, stress and over extension commonly experienced by moms.

Over the past year and through the efforts of over 9,000 members, EcoMom Alliance has:

· Saved an estimated 72,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions;
· Improved the health of at least 22 children from changes EcoMoms have made in moving to organic and non-toxic foods and household cleaners (this is just the amount of letters they received but is probably a lot more).
· Inspired more than 600 moms (and a handful of dads and grandpas) through attending EcoMom Parties, leaving inspired to make changes in their lifestyle that will help propel the sustainability revolution.
· Helped at least 7 schools go green with many more on the way.
· Assisted 36,000 moms, dads, kids, grandmas and grandpas in making healthier choices for themselves, their families and future generations on our planet.

Click here for more information on EcoMom Alliance. The NY Times just ran a great article on the organization this past weekend.

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